LIVE Online & Virtual Classes

what to expect

We have implemented a highly innovative way of delivering online lectures that ensure all our students from every location, receive a high-quality education that stimulates practical and critical thinking.

To ensure that our students keep up with the demands of digital transformation, MSC Education Online provides the necessary academic and assessment support to all our students. For students who require the flexibility to manage their studies, MSC Education Online promotes the capacity for intellectual agility personalised time management and enhanced flexibility to meet the demands of the modern student.

MSC Education Online is a fully accredited private further education provider that offers quality, industry-relevant certificates and diploma qualifications. Our primary objective is to offer incomparable value to our students by providing affordable, attainable, and accomplished programmes with contemporary content of the highest standard.

We have also gradually established our name among employers by developing workplace-ready graduates who are equipped with the right skills and attitude required for their respective industry.


Facilitated by SME's

Every module is facilitated by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and is delivered using Microsoft Teams to facilitate live streaming of each class.


connect from anywhere

Students can connect from any location of their choice (such as home, work, or even from a coffee shop), thus allowing them to see, hear and engage with each other.


Student Support

Additional interactive support with SMEs and fellow students is created through the use of our Electronic Learning Platform (Moodle) and Telegram for enhanced communication. Weekly academic support workshops, on various topics, are provided as a supplementary learning opportunity to enhance the e-learning experience and preparedness of our students.


Online Programmes

Information Technology

Optimal organisational performance lies at your fingertips. Study computer architecture, networks, and analytics with a National Certificate (IT) in End-User Computing or FET certificates (IT).

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Maximise the profitability of your business with our Financial Management & Bookkeeping courses. Whether you’re a first-time bookkeeper or planning to advance to cost and management accounting, MSC provides the option of a National Certificate, FET Certificate or National Diploma in this vital business field.

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Business and Office Administration

MSC’s FET Certificate in Business Administration Services provides you with all the tools necessary to fulfil the important role of an administrator. Administrators form the backbone of an organization providing numerous career options in both the public and private sectors.

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Human Resource Management
People are the heartbeat of our economy so if you aspire to a career where you will work with people and contribute to the organisational culture of a business, this qualification is for you. With MSC’s National Diploma and FET Certificate in Human Resources Management and Practices it’s your chance to launch your career in HR Management.

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Marketing management

Take your marketing career to new heights with our accredited courses. Acquire the essential knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. From strategic decision-making to data-driven campaigns, brand building, and team leadership, our program empowers you to succeed.

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Project Management

Life and business are all about projects where a series of tasks must be completed within a defined timeframe to achieve a specific set of goals. Learn how to promote practical achievable outcomes whilst directing proficient teamwork to ensure quality within the budget, timelines and deliverables.

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Why MSC’s Live Online Classes


Quality education

Uninterrupted, standardised quality education. All students, receive the same high-quality educational delivery with the convenience of accessing from any location or site


Innovative technology

Maximum utilisation of innovative technology. MSC makes use of trending technologies to deliver online classes as well as various additional activities, as prescribed by our SMEs. This places our students at the forefront of how to manage innovative technologies that exist in the modern workplace.


Constant communication

Constant communication with SME and fellow students through the Online Classroom, Telegram and Moodle. Access to these online platforms enable students to pose questions, receive feedback and provide input at any time, even outside of live online classes.


Quality Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Specialised SMEs facilitate live (face-to-face) online classes that enables students to participate in the class, ask questions or request clarity at any time during their lesson.


Interact & collaborate

Interaction and collaboration with fellow students from across the country. Students are able to interact with fellow classmates from multiple locations during their live online classes. This increases a student’s perception by encountering multiple perspectives and ideas whilst understanding and appreciating different cultures.


Improved pass rates

Improved throughput and pass rates. According to research, online courses can engage students more effectively, increasing retention rates by up to 60% (Digital Marketing Institute, 2018)



MSC is registered and accredited with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), Registration number: 2008/FE07/112 and relevant SETAs to ensure that your qualification is both recognised and valued by industries.