Why Studying Marketing is Crucial for Your Career Success


Marketing works – think Nandos, Nike, Coca Cola. These successful companies are globally recognised due to their excellent marketing strategies.

Marketing is the channel through which  producers and consumers communicate with each other. The marketing messages and the associated strategies are thus key to the success of any organisation. Marketing is at the heart of any business and it has never been more critical than during these unknown times when the world as we know it has changed so radically. In today’s landscape, understanding the motivations of the customer is crucial for anyone in business.

Nearly every type of business or industry utilises marketing professionals in some way, because the success of a business is directly impacted by marketers – from the analyses of markets and consumers, to the advertising and selling of products. Successful businesses have one thing in common – a successful, dynamic marketing team. In a world where social media and relationships with customers are becoming increasingly important, so too is the role of a well-rounded marketer.

Marketing principles may be fairly standard across all business sectors but with the ever changing environment and times we live in, it is how these principles are applied that businesses can set themselves apart. Successful marketing teams and strategies have to be dynamic and flexible if they are to address and reach their target markets. Marketers play a vital role in business and in therefore in the economy.

What opportunities exist with a marketing qualification?

Did you know, you can work almost anywhere with a marketing qualification? Marketers work in a variety of industries and sectors including retail, manufacturing, financial and public services, leisure and tourism, fast moving consumer goods, advertising etc.

The opportunities for marketing graduates are endless. Many companies offer internships or graduate programmes for marketing graduates as they realise the importance of filling positions with young talent. The opportunities don’t stop there as marketing covers a range of job opportunities, including branding, communications, market research, consulting, advertising and digital marketing, to name but a few. Creativity is a big asset in a marketing career as this will assist in developing ideas and campaigns that will grab the attention of consumers.

The marketing world will also expose you to many influential people and corporations, allowing you to build valuable networks for future professional growth.

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